duties and responsiblity duties and responsiblity

Duties and Responsibilities of the Agency

  • Oversee research based activities of  integrated solid waste management
  • Develop, implement, improve and monitor procedures, manuals, standards for the implementation of integrated waste management
  • Deliver awareness creation programs and trainings to the community and stakeholders so that they can bring attitudinal and behavioral change and become principal actors and owners of the cleansing service of the city
  • Design and implement efficient, effective and client oriented service delivery system that enables to provide pollution free solid waste handling and collection service
  • Monitor and follow up the practicality of policies and regulations issued for the implementation of integrated solid waste management
  • Design and implement  solid waste reduction and segregation system at the source
  • Give recognition and incentives to organizations  that rendered outstanding services in the city on solid waste handling, collection and reuse
  • Design involvement strategy for private investors and other institutions and work in partnership with them on solid waste management
  • Assess and provide tariff and payment system for services rendered to clients and monitor and follow up timely payment after approval by city Administration
  • Assess and implement efficient and effective service delivery options and manage, control  and take measures  on the services rendered through assigning legalized bodies on contractual basis and effect payment by ensuring that services are delivered according to signed agreement